Adams & Moore’s projects are global in outlook and local in delivery. Our experienced, skilled and high-performing teams seek to understand client’s intentions, refine objectives and manage resources to deliver exceptional results that remain sensitive to local environments but maximise their reach and benefit.

Africa PPP Advisory Services is part of Adams & Moore’s Africa Practice, focused on improving the delivery of infrastructure projects across Africa. We leverage the knowledge and skills of our multi-disciplinary experts, network of associates and partners to develop and deliver practical solutions designed to help clients achieve their objectives. Adams & Moore’s Africa Practice often works as part of multi-disciplinary transaction teams. We focus on the commercial elements of conceptualising and delivering large scale Capital and Infrastructure Projects, Human Capital Development, Organisational Design and ICT projects.

Our Approach

Africa PPP Advisory Services brings together world-class leading practices and skill sets with in-depth knowledge of local markets and infrastructure asset types. We provide integrated solutions across the asset lifecycle. Whether delivering a new railway, developing a power station or investing in infrastructure assets and other large capital projects, we see the provision of infrastructure service as fundamental to economic performance.

At Africa PPP Advisory Services, we offer an integrated approach to planning and developing PPP and infrastructure projects and we are providing public and private sector clients with a broad range of multi-disciplinary technical, legal and advisory services relating to infrastructure facilities, which extend across various sectors.

We partner with clients in a collaborative manner to provide tangible, viable advice and achieve real sustainable outcomes. With significant complexity involved in the management of project contracts, we offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to deliver the quality and effectiveness of services, critical to the success of the project. This provides customers with a unique endto-end solution through the provision of technology, consultancy and guidance – all based on experience of project contracts across the globe and at every stage of the bid, procurement and delivery cycle. Our range of services can be tailored
to your specific needs.



Public-Private Partnerships are an innovative mechanism for accelerating the delivery of infrastructure projects. We offer an integrated approach to planning and developing infrastructure projects and providing public and private sector clients with a range of multi-disciplinary technical, legal and financial advisory services across the entire infrastructure project delivery life-cycle.

 Planning & Structuring Infrastructure PPP Projects

 Risk Management

 Developing Relevant Policies & Guidelines

Our multi-disciplinary experts advise on the entire life-cycle of projects across various sectors – from the inception stage through implementation, and postimplementation evaluation. We also provide customized capacity building programs that are developed collaboratively with our clients and tailored to their particular needs and context.

Energy & Environmental Sustainability

Balancing energy needs with environmental and economic sustainability is a critical challenge, particularly in Africa. African governments are taking progressive steps towards developing low-carbon economies, as the private sector organisations are becoming more recognised as key stakeholders in rising to the challenge of responding to climate change, targets or concerns.

Our experience in renewable energy and environmental sustainability underpins our strength in delivering major infrastructure projects for clients in the Transport, Power and Energy sectors. We support clients in providing pragmatic solutions to develop policies that lead to real sustainable outcomes without undermining or stifling economic activity.

We work to help clients achieve their objectives, while exploring innovative ways to realise this in a manner that meets or exceeds national and international compliance standards.

Industrialisation & Private Sector Development

Industrialisation is critical not only in promoting economic diversification and inclusive growth, but also in the efficient utilization of physical, mineral and human resources, as well as the stimulation of private enterprise. Industrialisation and private sector development – particular SMEs linked to key industries as part of local and global value chains – serve to drive reductions in poverty and promote sustainable economic growth.

– Experience of multiple projects across Africa
– Qualified to support Governments
– Private sector in achieving objective of Job Creation, Poverty Reduction and Gender Equality
– Business Growth
– Overall Economic Development

Global in outlook, yet local in delivery, we familiarise ourselves with the delivery context, the business opportunity, and work effectively with multiple stakeholders to identify desired outcomes, critical success factors, systemic constraints and opportunities for positive linkages and stakeholder alignment, that create the basis for shared prosperity and desired outcomes from inclusive and sustainable economic development.

Project Finance & Investment Due Diligence

We advise public and private sector clients and multilateral agencies on longterm infrastructure and commercial projects requiring debt and equity finance. We advise on how best to structure domestic and overseas projects for commercial bank debt, multilateral and bilateral institutional support, equity fund investment and credit enhancement.

Infrastructure & Capital Projects

The provision of social and physical infrastructure is critical to achieving sustainable economic development. We provide integrated solutions that draw on the experience of a team of multi-disciplinary experts, gained delivering large scale infrastructure projects around the world.

Emerging Markets Advisory

We deliver innovative solutions helping our clients grow and expand in exciting markets in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Our Emerging Markets Advisory Services will support, strengthen and considerably validate your market entry and business development plans, with market insights, consumer and end-user research, and competition analysis, and specialist industry insight and market intelligence.


We design and deliver practical solutions to help a range of clients achieve their objectives through leveraging the knowledge and skills of our network of multi-disciplinary experts, associates and partners. We provide services to:

Multilateral Organization

We have experience in helping deliver innovative solutions to Multilateral Agencies. In the past we have worked alongside both the African Development Bank and the World Bank to deliver various long – term infrastructure and commercial projects aimed at improving the lives of men, women and children across Africa.

Governmental Organisations

We advise a wide variety of Federal Governments, State Governments, Governmental Ministries and Agencies across the continent on long term infrastructure and commercial projects requiring debt and equity finance. We tailor our extensive range of services to suit the needs and objectives of each individual client.

Private Companies

We believe that the development of the private sector is vital to achieving economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction and further social inclusion. We have vast experience in providing our full range of services to various private sector firms and PPP units across the whole of Africa.

Our Recent Clients

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