Avila’s Online African Caribbean Food and Drinks Products Range


Avila Online

Sector - Business
Location - London, UK & Nigeria
Year - 2013
Duration - 2 months
Our Role - Strategy Adviser

The Situation

The Situation

Within a year of its inception, Avila Online grew to become the largest online marketplace for African Caribbean food in the United Kingdom. However, they struggled with service consistency in a market that did not provide enough customer traffic to justify the level of investment necessary to suitably address service continuity issues.

The Solution

The Solution

We were engaged to advise on and review their scale – up strategy, which culminated in an opportunity to assist the UK’s largest Supermarket retailer, Tesco, in order to achieve the goal of expanding Avila’s African food and products range.

Our Assistance

Our Assistance

In order to assist Avila, we provided strategic advisory services to include strategic options analysis, operations strategy, business plan review and development, as well as equity and debt fundraising support. We also supported Avila in reaching an important milestone in their development of working with Tesco, by using Tesco’s need to build on its African Caribbean offering, particularly in areas with significant African Caribbean populations as a key opportunity.

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